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Blood Pressure Protocol Bundle - Conners Clinic
Blood Pressure Protocol Bundle - Conners Clinic
Blood Pressure Protocol Bundle - Conners Clinic
Blood Pressure Protocol Bundle - Conners Clinic
Blood Pressure Protocol Bundle - Conners Clinic

Blood Pressure Protocol Bundle

Conners Clinic
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In conventional medicine, the most your doctor might do to help you "naturally" correct hypertension is tell you to lose weight, cut your salt intake, and follow a diet program like DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). Most everyone receives prescription drugs, which may or may not be the appropriate measure. A DASH approach of avoiding salty and fried foods, and eating more nuts, vegetables, and fruits may help reduce blood pressure modestly but adding our High Blood Pressure PROTOCOL is a great starting point for those wanting to look at the cause.

1. Decrease overall inflammation

Controlling inflammation is the KEY to overall health. It can begin with an injury, an allergy, or a 'ramped-up' immune system that just won't calm down. Stress effects inflammation, as does diet and exercise (too much or too little). Inflammation can lead to various diseases including autoimmune disorders, GUT issues, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Our Protocol #1 is less for inflammation from injury (see our Inflammation Protocol #2) and more for reducing systemic inflammation that can lead to serious disease.

We also suggest that you clean-up your diet and begin a gentle exercise program. And, as always, make sure you schedule time to speak with us or your doctor.


1. Take SBI Protect in water or juice - 1 scoop per day

2. Take ButyrEn tablets - 2 per day with your two largest meals

3. Take Ortho Biotic 100 - 1 per day

4. Take Clear Inflam - 6 per day in divided doses

*Our Bundle gives you a 10% discount over individual product purchases - you receive 1 bottle of each of the above four products

2. Decrease inflammation at the VESSEL WALL

Supplements Recommended to TAKE to decrease inflammation at the VESSEL WALL:

  • Teavigo (US Enzymes) - take 1-3 capsules in divided doses per day - this is the best way to decrease IL6, the major inflammatory component at the vessel
  • NattoXym (US Enzymes) - take 1 per day - is an essential enzyme to help decrease plaque formation
  • VasculoSIRT (Biotics Research) - 5-10 per day in a divided dose - gives herbal support to help decrease blood pressure
  • CitraNOX - 120 Capsules (Orthomolecular) - take 2-4 per day - gives the heart and vessels the essential nutrients needed to increase health and relax smooth muscles

3. Increase EXERCISE, Improve DIET

  • Doctor mediated exercise has proven to increase overall health, decrease stress, and increase life expectancy
  • Weight-loss, intermittant fasting, Fasting Mimicking Diets are all ESSENTIAL to controlling weight and improving health

Blood Pressure Protocol Bundle - Protocol #1 - you receive all 4 products in this bundle giving you a 10% savings over individual product purchase.