TrueRife Software - Version 6.4 Update with your Personal Program

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TrueRife Software - Version 6.4 Update with your Personal Program

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Description of TrueRife Software - Version 6.4 Update with your Personal Program

We are offering this service at a steeply discounted price through November, 2023.

TrueRife will no longer support F-117 machines and Version 6.4 is NOT for F-117 machines.
This is ONLY for Members who have already purchased an F-122 TrueRife machine from us and simply need us to UPDATE their computer with the latest Version of TR software AND the personal Conners Clinic program that was previously created for them.
If you updated to 6.4 through TrueRife, we will just update your computer with your personal program and give you instructions on how to get to your program as it requires 2 additional mouse clicks in the 6.1, 6..2, and 6.4 programs.

NOTE: You SHIP your computer (as well as the computer charging cord) back to us*.  We will install the update and ship all back to you - standard USPS (*unless you add other products to this order to exceed $160 for free shipping). 

*Member pays for shipping the computer to us, and also for shipping the computer back unless you exceed the $160 by adding other products to this order. You WILL need to pay for the shipping charge TO US regardless.

There will be an additional fee if repairs are needed. See HERE if you need a NEW computer. Call if you have questions. IF you are purchasing a new laptop from us, you do NOT need to purchase this update as your new laptop FROM US will have it all included.


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