Laptop Computer for your TrueRife


Laptop Computer for your TrueRife

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Description of Laptop Computer for your TrueRife

Computer price - $795.00

Program - TrueRife V6.4 includes loading personal program - $95

TOTAL - $890.00

This is a replacement computer for patient/members of ours who already own a Rife machine and purchased it from us.

It will come with the patient/member's program installed and ready to go with all the current TrueRife software installed as well.

ASUS Laptop

Specifications: 10th Gen Core™, Windows Home 11, 12GB RAM, i3 8GB Memory, 512GB PCIe SSD+1TB HDD, 15.6" Screen.  The ASUS Laptop comes fully loaded with the latest version 6.4 TrueRife software. We have optimized power settings and removed antivirus software which can interfere with performance and functionality of the TrueRife F-122 Generator.

Note: We HIGHLY recommend that you leave the laptop on Airplane Mode and NOT to run any Windows Updates nor use the computer for anything but the Rife machine as these tend to bog down the Rife program.

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