Pro NADH NR - 30 Caps

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Pro NADH NR - 30 Caps

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Description of Pro NADH NR - 30 Caps

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Pro NADH NR (Energy Boost) provides a potent, stabilized form of PANMOL® Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NADH), a precursor of the body’s main biomolecule involved in cellular energy production (NAD+) as well as the newly added Nicotinamide riboside (NR), also a NAD+ precursor, well-known for its ability to enter the cell directly without requiring any biological modifications.

Potential Benefits:

  • supports glutathione recycling
  • supports the conversion of BH2 to BH4
  • promotes proper neurotransmitter production


Since genetic variants can impact the G6PDH pathway and subsequent production of NADH, NADH supplementation may be in order.

NADH is needed for glutathione recycling, as well as the conversion of BH2 to BH4. This is why a report by Harvard Medical calls NADH an anti-aging nutrient.

Pro NADH provides 20mg of stabilized nicotinimamide adeninine (NADH), one of the body’s most important anti-aging nutrients. NADH is involved in energy production and both epigenetics and genetic variants impacting glutathione production and those such as DHFR, which can impact its production and utilization. NADH is also needed for glutathione recycling and conversion of BH2 to BH4, both important biological pathways involved in protection from oxidative stress and proper neurotransmitter production. This product is produced so that it is stabilized and gastric-acid resistant.


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