Genetic Review / Genetics Membership (Level 2)


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Genetic Review / Genetics Membership (Level 2)

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Description of Genetic Review / Genetics Membership (Level 2)

Prerequisite: Complete THIS INTAKE form

Our Full Genetic Workup includes:

  • The genetic lab test kit with instructions 
  • An email from us (after we receive and analyze the results from the lab - usually within 6-8 weeks) containing:
    • Your FULL 250+ page report
    • Your Genetic Summary report from us
    • Your Genetic Action Steps report from us, plus
  • FREE access to our Read Your Genes COURSE (a $697 value) where you'll receive:
    • Dozens of instructional videos to help you understand your genetics
    • Video education with a sample report from our Genetic Coach

Although not included in this Membership, the following options are also available to you as a Genetics Member: 

  • Access to Request Private Educational Coaching Calls with Dr. Conners  (details can be found in the Modules of your Read Your Genes Course)
  • Access to Conners Clinic's Lab Store for Discounted Lab Kits (details can be found in the Modules of your Read Your Genes Course)
  • Access to Order Supplements and/or Other Products

NOTE: If you already DID a genetic lab, you may need to contact our office to discuss this - we may or may NOT be able to use that data.

ALSO NOTE: Test kits may only be available in the United States

Please watch the video below: 

Customer Reviews

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Most helpful health test I've ever taken

I'm absolutely blown away at the volume of useful, actionable information in this test. Not only are there pages and pages of the actual test results, but you'll receive also highlights of what issues you have, and then a separate document for specific actions you can take, based on your test results.

I now know what foods my body can process, why I've been having the problems I've been having, and what type of exercise is easiest on my body.

Getting the test results was a series of light bulb moments.

Also, cancer runs in my family, but it's not one specific type. This test explained at least one reason why my family is prone to cancer. (There are many ways to get cancer.)

This test left me feeling empowered about what I can do to make the most of my health. It gave me the specific tools I needed to make wise health decisions.

Prior to this it was like trying to walk a maze blindfolded. Now I can walk that health maze, with understanding of how my body functions.

Thank you Conners Clinic for providing such a thorough and well thought out genetic test!

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