Hydrogen Peroxide Scavenger


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Hydrogen Peroxide Scavenger

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Description of Hydrogen Peroxide Scavenger


  • Catalase
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Tocotrienols (from soy)

Yeast free, sugar free, gluten free, no artificial colors or flavors, preservative free

Potential Benefits:

  • Helps the body reduce excess Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is formed in the body when the SOD gene scavenges Superoxide Ion (a dangerous free radical) to rid it from the body. If one has a decreased production of glutathione and/or catalase (usually because of genetic defects) one may get excess H2O2 which can be very damaging to the body as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide Scavenger aids in the detoxification of hydrogen peroxide (H202), a potent oxidant free radical that is naturally produced in the body. It does have a purpose, in balance, to help kill pathogens and is involved in cell signaling.

Higher than normal levels of H202 can occur and cause harm to the body due to its inabilty to be cleared properly by catalase and glutathione. High amounts of this oxidant are often shuttled through the Fenton reaction with iron and/or copper to produce the highly toxic hydroxyl free radical. This product can be paired with H2O2 Detox Assist Liquescence for extra support.

Bottle Count: 60 delayed release capsules


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