Chaga Mushroom powdered - Conners Clinic
Chaga Mushroom powdered - Conners Clinic

Chaga Mushroom powdered

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  • Pure Chaga Mushroom Powder

Our Chaga has been broken down to a pure powder form without using alcohols, chemicals or liquids. Our process ensures maximum nutrient value, maximum surface to mass ratio, while providing maximum nutritional absorbency without introducing alternative substances.

Chaga is a special mushroom and is harvested from live birch trees. Our Chaga comes from trees in Alaska, at 60 degrees latitude for the highest concentration of nutritional benefit.

Serving size is 1/4 to 2 teaspoons per day. Can be added to a smoothie or dissolved in a tea or cup of coffee. It has an earthy, full flavor. 

One pint of ground Chaga per order - approximately 200 grams. Color varies per batch from light to dark brown.

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