ABP1 Assist


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ABP1 Assist

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Description of ABP1 Assist

ABP1 Assist is formulated with DAO and other enzymes to help those with ABP1 gene defects, and hence the inability to make DAO enzyme essential to digest histamines in the GUT


  • Vitamin B6
  • Copper
  • Diamine Oxidase
  • Lyophilized Ovine Thymus Tissue
  • Apple Polyphenols
  • Rutin

Soy free, yeast free, dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, no artificial colors or flavors, preservative free

Potential Benefits:

  • supports overall function of ABP1 gene
  • reduce reactions to histamine (and high histamine foods)
  • supports natural ability to break down histamine in the body
  • reduce sensitivity to NSAIDs
  • reduce occurrence/severity of migraines
  • supports mental stability
  • can lessen symptoms of ulcerative colitis
  • 2 capsules contain enough DAO to degrade 75,000 uM/hour of Histidine**

Description -ย ABP1 Assist

Many individuals have health concerns due to the inability to digest foods high in histamine. The amine oxidase copper containing 1 gene, known as ABP1 or AOC1, is responsible for the production of the diamine oxidase enzyme and is expressed in the colon, kidney, thymus and seminal vesicles. The diamine oxidase, DAO, enzyme is primarily involved in the degradation of extracellular histamine, D-serine, and other inflammatory stimulating compounds.

Several single nucleotide polymorphisms of the ABP1 gene have been reported to be major determinates in the function and serum activity of the DAO enzyme; moreover, Music et al. (2011) reported that serum DAO enzyme activity is a useful indicator of histamine intolerance. Abnormal function of the DAO enzyme has been associated with NSAID sensitivity, migraines, schizophrenia, histamine intolerance, and as a factor in the severity of ulcerative colitis. ABP1 Assist provides innovative and groundbreaking dietary assistance designed to support the natural ability to break down histamine and produce the DAO enzyme.

Bottle Count: 90 delayed release capsules

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