TruBifido Pro

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TruBifido Pro

$70.00 $77.00 -10% OFF
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Description of TruBifido Pro

TruBifido PRO® contains 50 billion CFU of five Bifido bacteria probiotics that support regularity and immunity by fortifying your colon with beneficial bacteria.

- Bifido bacteria are generally gentler on the body compared to other probiotic genera, making it a great choice for sensitive G.I. issues.*

- This blend of strains supports humoral immunity, creates no type-D lactic acid and no histamines.*

- Lacto Stim®, a patented prebiotic, is added for effective rehydration and as a food source for the probiotics.

- Bifido bacteria are strict anaerobes and need to reach the oxygen free colon before they colonize. Our acid proof delivery and Delayed Release (DR) capsules ensure the bacteria reach the colon.


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We are a Wisconsin-based family company

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