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Tippens Starter Pack - Fenbendazole, Curcumin, Vitamin E, CBD

Tippens Starter Pack - Fenbendazole, Curcumin, Vitamin E, CBD

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Joe Tippens, My Cancer Story Rocks, and Fenbendazole - our "Starter Pack"

Fenbendazole, an over-the-counter dewormer drug used often to treat rodent pinworm infections in dogs, is fast becoming a successful anticancer drug treatment in many late-stage cancers in humans due to the experience of Joe Tippens over at MyCancerStory.rocks.

After Joe was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and told he had 3 months to live, the ever-optimist, positive-attitude advocate refused to accept his death sentence.

At the advice of a veterinarian, Joe began taking a dog dewormer called fenbendazole. Within 4 months his PET scan showed no cancer. He went from 50 tumors spread throughout his entire body to not a single one.




Personally, I plan on trying this protocol if my cancer gets any worse again. I really don’t see any ‘downside'.

For more on Fenbendazole - see our blog post here

How would I take it and What do I get?

If someone wanted to give Fenbendazole a try, I would suggest the following protocol: (NOTE: the Fenbendazole is taken for three straight days and then four days OFF, i.e. only 3 days in a given week. The other nutritional products are taken daily.) Those with later-stage cancers may choose to take 2-3 packets per day and take NO days off! 

Begin with our Starter Pack getting everything you need for a "typical dose" that will last you for 2 months. You'll receive:

    1. Fenbendazole - 8 Packages of Panacur-C brand or the Safe-Guard brand (Canine Dewormer). They come in a white and yellow box (or red/rust-colored box if SafeGuard) with three, 1-gram packets of the products. One box of three packets will last a week since you take ONE packet per day for three straight days and then take FOUR DAYS OFF.  Example: Take the Fenbendazole on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY of each week. Do NOT follow the weight-dependent dosing (for dogs) that is given on the back of the packaging! It may be best to place the powdered substance directly in one’s mouth and chase it down with a flavored drink such as cranberry juice. It doesn’t dissolve well in any liquids. Others may try to mix it into a smoothie or something. It can be taken as a single dose in the morning, with or without food. Remember, those with later-stage cancers may choose to take 2-3 packets per day and take NO days off! If you are wanting to take more than the typical starter dose, you can purchase MORE packets of the Fenbendazole HERE. 

    2. Two bottles of Apop-E, a specific Vitamin E (with the delta and gamma tocotrienal components). Take 1/day always (even on your “days off”). NOTE: more on this particular Vitamin E and cancer can be found here.
    3. Two bottles of Curcu Clear, the current, best-source curcumin. Take 2/day always (even on your “days off”).
    4. One bottle of Unity brand Fortify 1500mg CBD oil dropper bottle. Take 1/2 ml/day (one bottle should last for 60 days).

This above listed protocol should last someone for approximately 60 days!

Note: If we are low on supply, we reserve the right to restrict order fulfillment to our patients only. You may receive the Panacur-C, OR the Safe-Guard brand when ordering (both are the same Fenbendazole).

Also Note: We HIGHLY recommend that you use the APOP-E, CurcuClear, and Entourage products listed above WITH the Fenbendazole!

Other nutrients to consider:

1. Evolv Immun - take 4/day

2. Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules - take 4/day

3. BerberClear - take 2/day