Stabilium® 200 Garum 30 Capsules *


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Stabilium® 200 Garum 30 Capsules *

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Description of Stabilium® 200 Garum 30 Capsules *

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Supports Mental and Physical Resilience*

Clinical Applications:
  • Garum Armoricum®, an extract from Blue Ling fish (Molva dypterygia) found off the Armorican peninsula
  • Supports stress management. healthy sleep patterns, energy, memory, and mood*
  • Provides nutritional support for memory and cognitive function*

 Stabilium® 200 is a specially formulated dietary supplement imported from France, containing Garum Armoricum® fish hydrolysate, vitamin B6, vitamin E and vitamin A. Garum Armoricum® is an extract from the fish Molva dypterygia, found in deep waters off the Armorican peninsula of Brittany, France. It was used by the ancient Celts of Armorica, Ireland, and by the ancient Romans, as a food supplement to improve resilience to physical and emotional stress.* Research confirms that Stabilium 200® may be useful for coping with stresses from work or personal life, and can support healthy sleep patterns, energy, memory, and mood.

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