Rebuilder 300

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Rebuilder 300

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  • ReBuilder 300 Device
  • 1 Lead Wire
  • 8 Adhesive Pads
  • 2 Non-Adhesive Pads
  • Carrying Case
  • Complete Instructions

Approximately 60% of patients suffering from neuropathic symptoms do not have diabetes: their symptoms are either caused by or exacerbated by lower back problems or CHEMOTHERAPY.

The 300 unit comes with a custom travel case so you can take it with you on vacation or to another site.  Patients who have neuropathy due to the side effects of chemotherapy find the lower intensity of this model preferable because of the increased sensitivity of their feet and legs.

Please understand the neurology of neuropathy:

The nerve fibers that are damaged and dying causing the neuropathy are the LDA fibers (the large diameter afferent fibers) that will be first to regenerate. This means that neuropathy pain and tingling will WORSEN for a time before it gets better. This is because these fibers are re-growing and 'waking up'. So, if your neuropathy worsens when you start using the Rebuilder, keep working through the process, you are healing the nerves. This video helps explain this:

NOTE: We do NOT include the split foot bath with this as it is less expensive to purchase it locally than for us to ship it. Just purchase something like this:

The ReBuilder Medical uses a tiny electrical signal to wake up nerves that are temporarily dormant or asleep due to past oxygen deprivation. The ReBuilder's patent pending signal is a precise copy of a healthy nerve signals, but stronger. This healing signal travels from one foot, up that leg, across the synaptic junctions and nerve roots in your lower back and then down to your other foot. Then it reverses the polarity and this nerve impulse then travels back to your original foot. This back and forth action effectively stimulates all the nerves of both legs and feet. At the same time, the ReBuilder® stimulates your calf muscles to contract and relax, as they would naturally during exercise, such as walking, to increase local blood flow and strengthen your calf muscles for better mobility. Once your nerves are working again, they will require additional blood flow.

The ReBuilder signals also cause the brain to release endorphins, strong pain relievers that travel via the bloodstream to all parts of the body, not just the hands and feet. These natural pain relievers can reduce depression and physical pain without any negative side effects.

Purchase yourself a split foot bath tote at your local Walmart to use with this unit. We DO supply the rubber lead pads!

Customer Reviews

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Richard lovelace

I was sold the build your kit. What's infrared red hand held light, some powdered drinks, etc. The. Rebuilder 300.
To sets up. Pads
Eight For a total of $7800. Chiropractor are Reselling your product for outrageous price. I used it for 90 days anem. I have been A.
Overstimulated reaction where I had to quit using it for over a week. 91 back to use in that 5 minutes in the morning.
End luckily I can still use it. But it is burning slightly in my toes on and off. And I'm still doing 7 capsules of 300 mil. Get the putton a day.
What should you do?
Try to increase our decrease. I do the water Bath in the morning. 5 minutes Should I do 1 minute and the evening? I would like over stimulate. Maybe?
It's a burning feeling. That last song day. And then when you quit doing it for a week. It takes 3 the 4 days to enimlate every Burning feeling.



Robert Morazzi
Need pad

How can I get a pad?

Larry Shaughnessy
I need the pads

I have theRebuilder but I need one or both of the pads as I have lost one of the pads. How can I order just the pads???

norman stauffer

I need to purchase Electrode Pads for my rebuilder EF2020WC2

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