Pylori-X 120 Capsules *


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Pylori-X 120 Capsules *

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Description of Pylori-X 120 Capsules *

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Suppress undesirable organisms in the GI tract. *

Clinical Applications:
  • Promotes optimal gastrointestinal function*
  • Aids in balancing the stomach environment*
  • Promote healthy gut bacteria while deterring unhealthy organisms*
  • Protect the gut from invasive bugs*

 Pylori-X supports the re-population of the digestive system with normal gut flora, encouraging the elimination of unwanted organisms. Pylori-X is a trusted formula with the same benefits as Matula Tea, as well as many others.

The formula contains ingredients known to suppress harmful bugs in the gut. Mastic gum and berberine lead the way in this popular GI formula. Bismuth salts and zinc combine to stabilize acids and deter toxic overgrowth.


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