Protease 60 Capsules. *


Protease 60 Capsules. *

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Description of Protease 60 Capsules. *

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Supports Healthy Circulation & Immunity*

Clinical Applications:
  • Supports Healthy Circulation, Immunity, and Elimination*
  • Helps Promote Improved Protein Digestion and Healthy Elimination*
  • Supports Overall Cardiovascular, Muscular, Urinary, and Immune System Health*


Assuring optimal protein digestion and proper blood flow is necessary for effective nutrient delivery, a healthy immune response, and the bodyโ€™s natural detoxification processes. Transformation's Professional Protocolโ„ข Protease, our strongest systemic protease formulation, includes over 355,000 HUT units of protease activity for supporting healthy circulation (blood and lymph) and optimal immune health.* The highly active enzymes included in this formula have a wide range of pH stability (3.0 pH โ€“ 10.0 pH). Soothing bromelain plant enzymes are also included in this vegetarian formula along with a small amount of Calcium, which improves tolerance on an empty stomach.*


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