Prosta Clear


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Prosta Clear

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Description of Prosta Clear

Prosta Clear is a combination of antioxidant nutrients and select herbs to support overall prostate health and function. This product proudly features:

  • 100% fully reacted TRAACS® Zinc Bisglycinate chelate by Albion® Laboratories, Inc. superior to other forms of zinc because it is highly bioavailable & easily absorbed.
  • Selenium as Selenomethionine – selenium, bound to the amino acid methionine for superior bioavailability. Important in prostate health as well as immunity.
  • Highly effective and utilized, prostate-supportive herbal blend: saw palmetto, stinging nettle, African pygeum, cleavers, damiana, pumpkin seed, uva ursi.
  • Phytophin® is a branded plant sterol ingredient that has been shown to contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and support prostate health.
  • Cernitin extract is derived from the pollen of a variety of types of plants. It has been studied for its ability to support those with chronic prostatitis as well as conferring liver protection from hepatoxins.

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