Proflora® 4R 30 Capsules


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Proflora® 4R 30 Capsules

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Description of Proflora® 4R 30 Capsules

Restorative Probiotic Combination*

Clinical Applications:
  • Spore-based probiotic with additional botanicals to support microbial balance, elimination, and GI health*
  • High potency Quercitin added to support a healthy histamine response*
  • Resilient spore forming probiotics designed to withstand stomach acidity and do not need refrigeration*

 Proflora® 4R is a unique spore-forming (soil-based) probiotic with additional botanicals to support microbial balance and GI health.* The combination of quercetin, marshmallow root, and aloe vera extract in Proflora® 4R provide additional nutritional support for healthy microbial balance, with just one capsule per day, preferably at bedtime. Spore-forming probiotics are commensal bacteria found in our gastrointestinal tract. Unlike conventional probiotics, Proflora®4R does not require refrigeration, and is designed to survive stomach acid.


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