Prenatal SAP 180 Capsules *


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Prenatal SAP 180 Capsules *

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Description of Prenatal SAP 180 Capsules *
Clinical Applications:
  • Prenatal SAP provides nutritive support for women who are pregnant or who are planning to become pregnant.*
  • Noninclusion of the nutrients β‑carotene and vitamin A: high doses of vitamin A have been shown to cause birth defects when taken during pregnancy. Our formula provides healthcare practitioners with the flexibility to supplement these micronutrients separately as needed.**


Vitamin and mineral supplementation, while planning for parenthood and during pregnancy, helps ensure optimal nutrition for the health of the mother and unborn baby. Prenatal SAP provides therapeutic doses of a variety of supplemental nutrients aimed at preventing and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and achieving benefits seen beyond typical dietary intake levels.*


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