Pregnenolone 30 mL *


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Pregnenolone 30 mL *

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Description of Pregnenolone 30 mL *

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Bioidentical pregnenolone liquid

Clinical Applications:
  • Provides relief from adrenal fatigue symptoms*
  • Boosts libido and slows down the decline of age-related processes*
  • Supports healthy cell function*
  • Helps to manage the body’s stress response, aiding in recovery and preventing burnout*

 Pregnenolone is known as the mother hormone, as all the major hormones, including DHEA, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and melatonin, are derived from it. An insufficiency of pregnenolone can lead to shortages in these downstream hormones. *

Pregnenolone is needed to help the body maintain optimum hormone levels. People with low levels of pregnenolone tend to be more likely to suffer from poor mood, fatigue, and memory problems, among other common health complaints. Pregnenolone has tremendous effects on the brain and mood and hormonal regulation. BioMatrix liquid pregnenolone has an absorption rate significantly higher than pill or tablet forms. Crosses the blood-brain barrier to help preserve brain health and boost memory.


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