Phase 5 Clear Binder - 60 capsules


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Phase 5 Clear Binder - 60 capsules

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Description of Phase 5 Clear Binder - 60 capsules

Phase 5 Clear Binder is a broad-spectrum binding formula containing natural ingredients from the purest sources to support enhanced clearance of heavy metals, unwanted organisms and organic compounds from the GI tract.

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Purified Zeolite (G-PURยฎ)

G-PURยฎ is a purified zeolite mineral with a distinctive affinity to ionically bind to and adsorb heavy metals and unwanted organisms. G-PURยฎ has a high homogeneity of clinoptilolite matrix crystals (standardized to contain 70% clinoptilolite), which have a โ€œcupโ€ shape that easily entraps toxins for safe elimination. G-PURยฎ is sourced from rich mineral deposits and is thoroughly tested for inorganic impurities.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has a long history of use in reducing the harmful effects of a wide variety of toxins. Unlike charcoal from wood or peat, the coconut shell charcoal in Clear Binder is highly purified, dense, clean and naturally dust-free, making it a safe and viable binder for toxin removal, especially for unwanted organisms. Its carbon lattice, porous structure is ideal for trapping and removing variety of toxins, preventing absorption by the gut lining, and safely carrying the toxins bound to its surface out of the body.

Purified Shilajit (PrimaVieยฎ)

PrimaVieยฎ is a highly purified form of shilajit, diverse in many bioactive compounds, containing over 40 different minerals including a rich source of humic and fulvic acids. These types of organic acids have adsorbent properties and are best known to bind various agents including many organic compounds. Due to the unique liposomal structure of Primavieยฎ, it encapsulates such toxins for efficient removal from the body.

NOTE: All of the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.ย 

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