Phase 2.5 Bile Support - PL


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Phase 2.5 Bile Support - PL

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Description of Phase 2.5 Bile Support - PL

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Item Description:

Phase 2.5 Bile Support is the body’s natural system for removal of toxins; it is involved in various important physiological processes such as cholesterol & blood glucose metabolism, thyroid hormone physiology and lipid & fat-soluble vitamin absorption. This product contains:

  • Artichoke as ALTILIX™ is able to counteract the higher fat accumulation in the hepatocyte cell line induced by free fatty acid (FFA). The mechanisms involved are designed to modulate the expression of PPAR-γ (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor) involved in lipogenesi; to inhibit FAS activity (Fatty acid synthase) in hepatocyte cell.
  • Conjugation factors – glycine and taurine
  • Phosphatidylcholine to support bile fluidity

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