PEMF Home Unit

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PEMF Home Unit

$9,395.00 $11,395.00 -18% OFF
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Description of PEMF Home Unit

There are several home PEMF units on the market but most are LOW frequency PEMF devices. LOW frequency devices are NOT "felt" by the user and, though they can serve a wonderful purpose, they tend not to give the same benefits that the HIGH frequency units give (like pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits).

This unit - the PEMF P4L - is a HIGH frequency unit made for home use. While many doctors purchase this for their clinic, it is cost-effective enough for many to purchase for home.

We have numerous members using this at home and have been selling them for the past few years with no problems encountered.

NOTE: You get to choose from the Desktop Model OR the Mini Tote Model. It's simply a matter of preference. You also choose your size of therapy mat (see photo). We typically tell people to skip the upset of the 7" Paddle add-on as the loops work just as well.

Home PEMF package includes:
- Tabletop PEMF Model (Size: 10.75" W x 7.5" D x 3" H.)
- Small Butterfly Loop (7")
- Large Single Loop (12")
- Small Mat (12" x 22")
- 3 Year Warranty

Versatile Use: Home - Clinic - Travel.
Low Mode Pulses/Sec: 10.
High Mode Pulses/Sec: 1 + 10 (Low).
High Mode Intensity: 5,400 Gauss = .54 Tesla.
Low Intensity: 400 Gauss
Voltage Regulator: Auto adapts to 120-230 V, 50-60 Hz AC, worldwide.

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