PectaSol-C Professional 270 Capsules


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PectaSol-C Professional 270 Capsules

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Description of PectaSol-C Professional 270 Capsules
Clinical Applications
  • Delivers a low molecular weight pectin product <15kDa with less than 5% degree of esterification that enables optimal absorption from the small intestine into the circulation. The molecular weight being <15kDa is important because studies have proven that it effectively binds to Gal-3 providing multiple health benefits.*


PectaSol-Cยฎย Professional is for individuals who want to modify their Gal-3 levels, support cardiovascular health, cellular health and immune health.*

PectaSol-Cยฎย Professional is a natural inhibitor of galectin-3 (Gal-3), a protein involved in cardiovascular health.* Research shows that modifying Gal-3 levels in the circulation supports healthy aging, cellular function, cardiovascular health and normal immune response


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