Peak K2 90 Capsules *


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Peak K2 90 Capsules *

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Description of Peak K2 90 Capsules *

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High dose Menatetrenone (Mk-4)*

Clinical Applications:
  • Supports the activation of bone-building cells*
  • Helps bones use calcium more efficiently*
  • Promotes normal blood clotting and vascular health*

 Peak K2 is menatetrenone (MK-4), a form of vitamin K2 made in the body from phylloquinone (vitamin K1).*

Vitamin K, sourced from Orange Jasmine, is best known for its role in blood clotting, but it is also important for the skeletal and cardiovascular systems.*

Vitamin K2’s primary role in the body is to ensure calcium is properly used in the bones and not the arteries and soft tissues. This results in blood flowing more efficiently throughout the body.*

AOR’s Peak K2 formula contains MK-4, which has been clinically studied and used for bone health for decades.


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