Organic Resistant Starch Complex - 9.52 oz *


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Organic Resistant Starch Complex - 9.52 oz *

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Description of Organic Resistant Starch Complex - 9.52 oz *

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Organic Resistant Starch Complex


Clinical Applications:
  • Optimal immune function.*
  • Cellular energy production.*
  • Heart health.*
  • A healthy, normal inflammatory response.*

 Resistant starch acts similar to soluble fiber that, unlike other starches, is able to pass partially undigested through your stomach and small intestine to your large intestine, where they slowly ferment and feed your healthy bacteria.

Organic Resistant Starch Complex provides 7.5 grams per serving of resistant starch from Organic Green Banana Flour, Organic Pregelatinized Potato Starch and Organic Tigernut Flour.

Our unique formula also contains Organic ResistAid® Arabinogalactan from organic Minnesota larch trees, a patented immune-supporting polysaccharide that provides sciencebacked, triple-action support for year-round health.*


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