Organic Pine Bark Extract - 60 Tablets *


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Organic Pine Bark Extract - 60 Tablets *

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Description of Organic Pine Bark Extract - 60 Tablets *

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Organic Pine Bark Extract with OPCs


Clinical Applications:
  • Cardiovascular system by promoting healthy circulation, already normal blood pressure and healthy veins and arteries.*
  • Metabolism by promoting optimal endothelial function and healthy glucose levels already in the normal range.*
  • Immune system by supporting healthy T- and B-cell immune function, which can decline naturally with aging.*
  • Respiratory health by supporting a healthy, normal inflammatory response in the airways and promoting normal airway flow.*
  • Cognitive function, mood and mental performance through its effects on oxidative stress.*
  • Joints by promoting comfortable movement and a healthy, normal inflammatory response.*
  • Connective tissue by promoting the synthesis of collagen for healthy tissues, and hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide found in nearly every cell in your body, for healthy connective tissue and immune support.*
  • Eyes and vision by supporting the healthy structure and function of the microscopic blood vessels in the retina and other structures of the eye.*
  • Muscles by improving muscle recovery time, reducing muscle soreness and promoting athletic performance and endurance.*
  • Lipid profiles by supporting the actions of antioxidant enzymes to help protect your body’s supply of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) against oxidation.*

 Pine bark extract is an outstanding source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPCs, which help protect your cells, tissues and organs against oxidative stress from damaging free radicals.* Organic Pine Bark Extract with OPCs is harvested from the fresh bark of young, living Pinus sylvestris trees in approved Certified Organic designated areas within the wild forests of the Finnish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle – an area known for its ecological sustainability practices.

Organic Pine Bark Extract with OPCs is extracted using water only and is standardized to contain 65% procyanidins, one of the primary antioxidant constituents in pine bark extract


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