Micro Liposomal C 4 fl oz *


Micro Liposomal C 4 fl oz *

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Description of Micro Liposomal C 4 fl oz *

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Pure Vitamin C in an Advanced Liposomal Delivery System

Clinical Applications:
  • Pure vitamin C in an advanced liposomal delivery system from non-GMO sunflower phospholipids
  • Supports collagen synthesis, balanced mood, stress resilience, and immune functions*
  • Advanced delivery permits higher vitamin C intake and absorption without GI distress*

 Micro Liposomal C provides vitamin C encapsulated inside a spherical phospholipid bilayer membrane, which allows it to be directly absorbed in the upper intestine, greatly increasing absorption.* The liposomal delivery may help escort the enclosed vitamin C into cells and tissues.* This advanced delivery system also avoids colonic distress that can occur with high oral doses of vitamin C.

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