Memory Protect 36 Day Supply *


Memory Protect 36 Day Supply *

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Description of Memory Protect 36 Day Supply *

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Powerful dual-action cognition & memory support*

Clinical Applications:
  • Promotes healthy brain cell growth & communication*
  • Supports brain levels of glucose already within normal range*
  • Inhibits specific enzyme activity to support brain health*

 In healthy brains, proteins that inhibit healthy cognition and memory are created, but they are regularly cleared through normal processes.1 This clearing process declines over time as part of normal aging. When that happens, these proteins begin to accumulate, affecting memory and cognitive function.2

Colostrinin is a milk peptide that helps inhibit molecular mechanisms that produce unwanted brain proteins, while also maintaining levels of the enzymes that help break them down.3

Lithium is a naturally-occurring mineral that preclinical studies show helps support the breakdown of those accumulated brain proteins and promotes the brain’s normal process for clearing cellular debris.

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