Maitake - D Fraction Pro 4x - 60 ml bottle *


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Maitake - D Fraction Pro 4x - 60 ml bottle *

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Description of Maitake - D Fraction Pro 4x - 60 ml bottle *

Today, more than ever before, enhancing and maintaining a healthy immune system is on everyone’s mind. After all, a strong immune system results in superior health. Yet, study after study shows that daily factors of modern living, such as stress, environmental toxins, winter challenges, poor nutrition, smoking, dieting and travel, can significantly weaken the immune system.

Advanced immune support is required every day throughout the year in order to protect the body from adverse events. In addition, the difficulty of the winter of 2013/2014 attests to the importance of acquiring seasonal support in order to help promote resistance to winter immune health challenges. MaitakeGold Provides Superior Immune Support

MaitakeGold, patented maitake mushroom nutraceutical extract is a remarkable branded nutraceutical ingredient that fills this critical need for today’s consumer, providing all natural, effective daily immune protection.* That’s why Maitake D fraction has been used in more fine supplement brands than any other patented immune-modulating mushroom branded ingredient.

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