Laktoferrin 90 Capsules *


Laktoferrin 90 Capsules *

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Description of Laktoferrin 90 Capsules *

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Immune Support from Bovine Colostrum*

Clinical Applications:
  • Supports iron binding and transport and has antioxidant activity*
  • May help deprive undesirable gastrointestinal microbes from needed iron*
  • May enhance and modulate immune activies*

Ā Laktoferrin contains lactoferrin, a peptide glycoprotein that belongs to the transferrin family, which is responsible for binding and transporting iron in the body. Small amounts are found in bovine colostrum (ā€œmothersā€™ first milkā€). Additionally, lactoferrin occurs in mammalian exocrine secretions, and is released from neutrophil granules during inflammation.

Lactoferrin is crucial for the uptake of iron in the intestinal mucosa of breast-fed infants, through its iron-binding activity.* Lactoferrin also has other important iron-binding activities, as well as immunomodulatory and antioxidant activities.*


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