Lab - KBMO FIT 22 Test - 22 food sensitivity test


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Lab - KBMO FIT 22 Test - 22 food sensitivity test

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Description of Lab - KBMO FIT 22 Test - 22 food sensitivity test


Note: When ordering this test, we will mail you the self-collection kit (see video below) and then contact you when the results come back.

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This test evaluates 22 of the most common food sensitivities tested on the FIT 132 test. The test measures IgG and Immune Complexes the same way the FIT 132 test does.The test is run using a blood sample obtained from a finger prick. The test requires one blood spot at a minimum, but more are preferred.

The FIT 22 is a less-expensive version of the FIT 132 test.

This is a blood-spot test that is done at home. It is the easiest food sensitivity test that we know of. 

The below video is on the FIT 132 but it gives you an idea of the less expensive FIT 22 test:

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