L-Glutathione - 60 capsules


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L-Glutathione - 60 capsules

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Description of L-Glutathione - 60 capsules

Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body and is heavily concentrated in tissues such as the liver, spleen and heart. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in immune function, detoxification capacity and protection against oxidative stress. The L-Glutathione formulation is preformed, reduced glutathione (GSH) and provides a 250 mg dose in a one-capsule serving.

Modern lifestyle habits like poor dietary choices, lack of sleep, abundance of stress, exposure to chemicals, and exercise extremes can incur physiologic changes. Our bodies were designed to handle stress, detoxify chemicals and preserve cell function, but when the burden increases, those naturally built-in systems canโ€™t keep up with demand. One of the most common physiological changes seen is the depletion of the bodyโ€™s most powerful antioxidant, reduced glutathione. Glutathione has been termed โ€œthe master antioxidantโ€ because of its ability to quench free radicals and protect cells from damage. It has long been thought that humans were unable to utilize preformed glutathione, butย recent research proves otherwise. Setriaยฎ, a unique tri-peptide form of glutathione, has a molecular structure that effectively increases glutathione blood levels when taken orally.1 It is the only supplemental glutathione backed by a recently published human clinical trial that shows significant uptake of this critical nutrient.

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