Lab - Ivygene Lab for Cancer

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Lab - Ivygene Lab for Cancer

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Description of Lab - Ivygene Lab for Cancer

Note: This Lab is currently UNAVAILABLE. Another optio is the HCG Navarro test:

The IvyGene test is a blood test that uses advanced DNA sequencing methods to detect the DNA methylation pattern of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in blood samples in order to bothĀ confirm the presence of cancer and give quantitative data.

The IvyGeneĀ®Ā Score reflects the relative amount of cell-free DNA that contains these methylation markers as a percentage of the total cell-free DNA present. The IvyGeneĀ®score is derived from a composite average of methylated vs unmethylated cell-free DNA of specificĀ target sites.

Every day thousands of people in the USA alone are beginning to fight cancer. In 2016, more than 4,600 individuals in the U.S. were diagnosed with cancer daily. The first step to fighting cancer is identifying its presence early, which can be a difficult and frustrating process.

IvyGene is a blood test able to identify the presence of malignant cancer and give quantifiable data about cancer presence.

IvyGene is a liquid biopsy that identifies the presence of malignant cancer in whole blood. A highly accurate and sensitive test, the IvyGene test is a non-invasive tool to aid physicians in identifying malignant cancer presence.

According to studies performed by the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society, individuals who identifiedĀ 25 different types of cancer earlier had a greater chance of survival.

In combination with diagnostic tests, the IvyGene test is another step towards winning the battle with cancer.


IvyGene utilizesĀ ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) methylation patterns in order to identify the presence of malignant cancer. Methylation occurs when a methyl groupĀ (-CH3) is bonded to a Cytosine nucleotide in DNA. By identifying ctDNA methylation patterns, a scientist can compare individual methylation patterns against a known database of methylation patterns, consistent with malignant cancer.


IvyGene is intended to be used in conjunction with other diagnostic and confirmatory tests.

  • Abnormal mammogram
  • Suspicious PET scan
  • High PSA
  • Positive BRCA 1&2
  • Biopsy


Many DNA tests identify the ā€œpropensity to haveā€ or the ā€œlikelihoodā€ that cancer will occur. IvyGene identifies actual disease presence.


non-invasive cancer testing

IvyGene May Also Be Used for Certain Situations:

  • High-risk population
  • Supplementing other diagnostic tests
  • Quantifying cancer levels
  • Monitoring for recurrence

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