Herbal Sleep PM 30 Capsules *


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Herbal Sleep PM 30 Capsules *

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Description of Herbal Sleep PM 30 Capsules *

Melatonin-free Herbal Sleep Aid

Clinical Applications:
  • Promotes healthy sleep by targeting multiple sleep centers in the brain*
  • Promotes a healthy response to stress & a relaxed nervous system response*
  • Calms your mind so you can fall asleep*

 Scientifically studied ingredients for healthy sleep

Lemon Balm: In one study, 85% of subjects who took lemon balm extract for 15 days saw a significant improvement in healthy sleep and the remaining 15% were much improved.8

Honokiol: Pre-clinical models indicate honokiol is quickly taken up into the brain, making it an ideal ingredient for those looking for a well-deserved rest.9-11 Honokiol has a calming effect on the brain as well.

Chamomile: Computer models and pre-clinical studies suggest apigenin might promote healthy sleep patterns similar to those caused by naturally-occurring neurologically active compounds in the body.


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