Healthy Weight Loss Bundle

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Healthy Weight Loss Bundle

$244.93 $280.13 -13% OFF
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Description of Healthy Weight Loss Bundle

Healthy Weight Loss Bundle - you receive a 10% savings over purchasing the individual products

When diet and exercise is proving to be difficult in attempting to lose weight, one must consider a natural way to help control appetite and ‘hunger receptors’ called Leptin receptors. Here’s a simple addition that may prove beneficial:

A. Add a natural appetite suppressor – Our Appetite Balancer has key amino acids that can curb appetite.

B. Add nutrients to help increase effectiveness of Leptin receptors. Leptin is the hormone that tells your body that you are “full”. Leptin resistance is similar to insulin resistance; it is a KEY to weightless issues. Adding our Leptin Balancer can be a great addition to your diet.

C. Add our "skinny probiotic", ProbioClear LEAN that can help change the GUT flora and promote weight loss.

D. Add GUT healers. Our SBI Protect is the exact same product sold as a pharmaceutical for serious GUT healing (at a considerably higher cost I might add).


Our Protocol:

1. Take SBI Protect - 1-2 scoops per day in a shake 

2. Take Appetite Balancer - 2-3, 30 minutes before each meal (three times per day)

3. Take Leptin Balancer - 1, 30 minutes before each meal (three times per day)

4. Take ProbioClear LEAN - 1 per day

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