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Genetic Review NON CANCER ONLY - call for more information Equipment & Labs Service - Conners Clinic

Genetic Review - call for more information

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This is ONLY available for those patient/members who have already had a Case Review OR are members of one of our COURSES.

NOTE: We do NOT always offer this as our clinic focuses on the care of those with cancer. Please call the clinic for more information.

What we need from you / What you receive from us:

1. Purchase this service right here on our web store ONLY AFTER you have been approved to do so following a Case Review with Dr. Conners OR have enrolled in one of our COURSES.

2. We will send you the Genetic Test KIT included in this price.

NOTE: If you already DID a genetic lab, you may need to contact the clinic to discuss this - we may or may NOT be able to use that data.

ALSO NOTE: Test kits may only be available in the United States

3. When you receive the test kit, follow instructions on collecting your saliva sample and return the kit via enclosed label to the lab.

4. You MUST Understand that this cost includes:

  • The genetic lab test kit,

  • Emailed results AND recommendations,

  • FREE access to our Read Your Genes COURSE where you'll receive:

  • Dozens of instructional videos to help you understand your genetics 

  • VIDEO education of our Genetic Coach going through a sample report.

  • You do NOT receive one-on-one coaching with this purchase but DO receive access, via the COURSE, to a bi-monthly Q & A live ZOOM call to help get your questions answered.

  • As stated, you will receive FREE access to our Genetic Course, Read Your Genes, once this is live (a $697 value) - see MORE on the Read Your Genes Course HERE

PLEASE Watch This:


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