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Genetic Review

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Prerequisite: Complete THIS EDUCATIONAL INTAKE form

Our Full Genetic Workup includes:

  • The genetic lab test kit with instructions 
  • An email from us (after we receive and analyze the results from the lab - usually within 6-8 weeks) containing:
    • Your FULL 250+ page report
    • Your Genetic Summary report from us
    • Your Genetic Action Steps report from us, plus
  • FREE access to our Read Your Genes COURSE (a $697 value) where you'll receive:
    • Dozens of instructional videos to help you understand your genetics
    • Video education with a sample report from our Genetic Coach
    • Access to Dr. C's bi-monthly Q & A Zoom calls where you can listen in and/or get your questions answered (one-on-one coaching is not available at this time)


NOTE: If you already DID a genetic lab, you may need to contact our office to discuss this - we may or may NOT be able to use that data.

ALSO NOTE: Test kits may only be available in the United States

Please watch the video below: 

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