G.I. Detox+ 60 Capsules *

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G.I. Detox+ 60 Capsules *

$32.47 $34.47 -6% OFF
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Description of G.I. Detox+ 60 Capsules *

Gentle Full Spectrum Binder*

Clinical Applications:
  • Broad spectrum binder that assists in clearing biofilm and binds cellular waste products*
  • Supports detoxifications and enhanced clearance from GI tract
  • Additional botanicals to support motility
  • Convenient capsule form that can be opened up if needed

ย G.I. Detoxโ„ข+ contains multiple binding agents to support enhanced clearance from the GI tract. These binding agents are integral to protocols using Biocidinยฎย for comfortable detox.

  • Broad spectrum binder that assists in cleansing biofilms and binds to cellular waste products.*
  • Has additional botanicals to support motility.*ย 
  • Take on an empty stomach- 1-2 hour away from food, supplements, or medications.

Often paired with concurrent use of Biocidinยฎ.


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