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EBC-46 Blushwood Berry

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Blushwood EBC-46

In the far northeastern part of Queensland Australia, in the rainforests grows the Blushwood Berry tree known as Hylandia Dockrillii. It thrives at high altitudes of 400 to 1100 meters in the well-developed rainforest at different locations and reaches heights of up to 25 meters. Blushwood berries are the fruit of the Blushwood tree.


The tincture is extracted from the blushwood berry seed in organic grain vodka. Content: 50 ml

All of our herbal extracts and tinctures are handcrafted using time honored methods.

Potential Benefits:

The tree’s berries have has exceptional medicinal properties and its main component EBC-46 may take priority in repairing the immune system and DNA damaged cells in the near future of holistic treatments.

Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of herbs/roots/mushroom and the most effective way to get the beneficial properties of medicinal herbs into your bloodstream, via sublingually or topically. Created thousands of years ago by our herbalist ancestors, the method of liquid extracts are still a favorite medicinal preparation today.


The extracts are very potent and are taken by the dropperful. They can also be diluted in warm water or juice.

Blushwood berry ebc-46 tincture

Blushwood berryEBC-46 tincture 50 ml (Hylandia dockrilli)
Blushwood berry hylandia dockdrilli
Origin: north-eastern Australia
Components: EBC-46