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Dr. Conners Tooth / Gum Miracle Oil - Conners Clinic
Dr. Conners Tooth / Gum Miracle Oil - Conners Clinic

Dr. Conners Tooth / Gum Miracle Oil

Conners Clinic
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Conners Originals special Tooth and Gum Oil is designed to help your body kill any periodontal infections that can destroy your health.

Ingredients include a proprietary blend of:

  • Black Cumin Oil
  • Oregano Oil


This oil was created to simply add a drop onto your finger and rub (apply) gently over your gums, both top and bottom, inside and out. 

After brushing teeth (or during the day between meals) place one or more drops on finger and rub on top, outside gums. Repeat on top inside, bottom outside, and bottom inside gums.  Add more drops to problems areas.  Continue to apply daily or regularly.

It may "sting" a bit for a short time and doesn't necessarily taste great, but it works.


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