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D3 - Xym - Conners Clinic
D3 - Xym - Conners Clinic
D3 - Xym - Conners Clinic

D3 - Xym

U.S. Enzymes
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D3-XYM™ is a proprietary whole food fermented source of natural vitamin D which is easily assimilated. It’s blended in a base of seven digestive enzymes.
Enzymes are the building blocks of life and nothing in our bodies (or life) functions without them. Enzyme reactions provide a steady power supply to keep all systems active, functioning and producing anti aging & anti-oxidant effects.* Vitamins are considered co-enzymes so they work with enzymes to produce more effective results.
Enzyme and Vitamin therapy is essential for:
• Helping maintain strong bones*
• Supporting immune system*
• Providing support for emotional wellness*


One capsule = 5000 iu Vitamin D PLUS enzymes