Cytozyme-THY (180T)

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Cytozyme-THY (180T)

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Description of Cytozyme-THY (180T)

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Supplies glandular specific support as Neonatal Thymus Concentrate (bovine), combined with SOD and catalase, important antioxidant enzymes. Thymic function is critical in immune health, however thymic function declines with age. The thymus gland is most active following birth (neonatal stage).

Development of glandular products by Biotics Research

Since the early 1980โ€™s, Biotics Research has been at the forefront of glandular production, reflecting its commitment to research and innovation. Glandulars from Biotics Research are prepared strictly from BSE-free countries and collected under USDA inspection. Most Biotics Research glandular products incorporate tissues from newborn calves, harvested specifically for Biotics Research, to ensure quality and to provide a reproducible source of the bovine tissues. Inevitably, in certain cases, adult organs must be used, as in the case of ovarian and orchic tissue, which is unobtainable from very young animals.

Tissues from newborn animals possess high anabolic activity, and have had minimal exposure to environmental stressors. Atrophy, fatty infiltration, tissue degeneration and the accumulation of oxidative waste products (lipofuscin) are not observed in tissues from newborn calves.

In contrast, the usual sources of most commercially available glandular products are glands and organs collected from different cattle carcasses of various ages, obtained from numerous slaughterhouses. Tissues are pooled, and processed with the resulting powdered preparation sold to manufacturers. As a result, physicians and consumers using such products have little or no detailed knowledge of their sources, such as the ages or health of animals harvested, or the degree of exposure to environmental stressors.

How did Biotics Research become interested in glandulars?

The development of Biotics Research glandular products was the offshoot of original research performed by our CDC-licensed, genetics-toxicology testing laboratory in the 1980โ€™s. When Biotics Research developed the first mobile laboratory to respond to environmental contamination requiring a rapid assessment of possible chromosomal damage, fetal calf serum was required to culture human cells. When the supply of fetal calf serum became limited due to increased demand by biotech firms, Biotics Research had to examine newborn calves as an alternative source. Serum isolated from these animals, tested at the National Institutes of Health, matched the quality of fetal calf serum. The use of newborn calves as a source of high quality glandular tissues resulted from this research.

Comparison of methods of preparation of glandular productions

The aim in preparing glandular products is to preserve traits of the original tissue in as natural a state as possible, while providing long term stability and reasonable shelf life of the final product. Three basic methods are typically employed: lyophilization (freeze drying), solvent extraction or extraction with high concentrations of inorganic ions (salts). Because adult beef tissues are generally heavily infiltrated with connective and fatty tissues, many manufacturers also employ harsh organic solvents to extract fat. Many of these solvents also denature proteins in the process. High concentrated salt solutions exclude nonpolar, more lipophilic materials and membrane associated substances. These types of extraction are generally followed by heating to dry the glandular powder, typically utilizing high temperatures to remove the organic solvents or water, which can denature proteins, including enzymes.

Glandular production at Biotics Research

Biotics Research relies on low temperature treatment with mild solvents to dehydrate the preparations; conditions known to preserve enzyme, protein and polypeptide factors. Neonatal glands possess very little fatty tissue, which is trimmed by hand. Glandular preparations are then dried at mild temperatures to preserve activities of whole organs and glands. Tableting is accomplished under lower pressures than routinely used in the industry. Biotics Researchโ€™s quality control laboratory confirmed that tableting, under lower pressures as done by Biotics Research, does not cause any significant loss of fragile coenzyme and vitamin activities.

Laboratory Assessment of Cytozyme-THYTM

In promoting T cell maturation, thymosin binds to immature T cells, altering their surface properties so they form โ€œrosettesโ€ in vitro. Cytozyme-THYTM was assayed using aย T cell rosette formation assay based on mouse peripheral blood lymphocytes (the Wara Ammann E Rosette bioassay) by an independent laboratory. Cytozyme-THYTM increased T cell rosette formation approximately 2-fold greater than that obtained by a competitorโ€™s thymus glandular.

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