Coriolus Super Strength- 150 caps *


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Coriolus Super Strength- 150 caps *

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Description of Coriolus Super Strength- 150 caps *

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Fruit Body Cell Wall Extract

Over 300 published studies have been done on the immuno-modulating* properties of the 1-4,1-3 proteoglycans extracted from the cell walls ofCoriolus versicolor, including 24 human studies (14 controlled, randomized, human clinical trials). With over $350 million in annual sales in Japan, this cell-wall extract has become one of the most widely used supplements in the world for supporting immune health.*

Decoctions of Coriolus versicolor have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with references in the Chinese Compendium of Materia Medica dating as far back as the 15th century. The Ming dynasty edition states that "The black and green Yun zhi are beneficial to one's spirit and vital energy, and strengthen one's tendon and bone. If Yun zhi is taken for a long time, it will make one vigorous and live long.


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