Clinical Nutrients HP 60 vegcaps *


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Clinical Nutrients HP 60 vegcaps *

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Description of Clinical Nutrients HP 60 vegcaps *


Once daily, iron-free course providing comprehensive nutritional support for adults, including men and women 45+

Broad spectrum, balanced nutrient profile in 2 easy to swallow capsules daily.

Supports muscle function, immune function, thyroid function and cellular energy production

Contains high potency antioxidants Vitamins A, C, E, and Selenium for free radical protection

Features high quality, practitioner-selected ingredients, including Menaquinone-7 and several premium branded ingredients:

โ€ข Quatrefolicยฎ Brand 5-MTHF
โ€ข SelenoExcellยฎ Selenium Yeast
โ€ข Theracurminยฎ Water-Dispersible Turmeric

Used by Professionals

Hand-Selected by Dr. Kevin Conners

Fulfilled Locally in the USA

We are a Wisconsin-based family company

Trusted Source of Nutrition

We only carry the best products
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