Chewable Vitamin C Cherry 90 Tablets *


Chewable Vitamin C Cherry 90 Tablets *

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Description of Chewable Vitamin C Cherry 90 Tablets *

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Clinical Applications:
chewable vitamin c is recommended for:
  • Improving Iron Absorption*
  • Immune Health*
  • Supporting healthy skin, teeth, and bones*
  • Promoting tissue healing and repair*
  • Reducing the free radical damage of daily living*
  • Overall health and wellness*

 Tasty cherry-flavored tablets combine Vitamin C and bioflavanoids to support childrens immune health, iron absorption and healthy skin, bones and teeth.*

Unlike most animals on planet Earth, humans don’t make their own vitamin C. We have to get our vitamin C from foods like cantaloupe, oranges, or broccoli. If your little ones are picky eaters and don’t eat very many fruits or vegetables, they might not be getting enough vitamin C. In fact, when they eat cookies, ice cream, cake, or pie their bodies might not be absorbing enough of this important nutrient. That’s because sugar blocks the absorption of vitamin C. For an energetic and active child, or one that prefers sweets over fruits and vegetables, supplementing with vitamin C ensures that your child will get enough of this vitamin and all of its health benefits.*


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