CheleX™ - 120 Capsules - PL


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CheleX™ - 120 Capsules - PL

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Description of CheleX™ - 120 Capsules - PL

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Support Against Oxidative Elements*


Clinical Applications
  • Helps Protect Tissues from Oxidative Stress*
  • Supports Detoxification*

 CheleX is designed to help the body rid itself of damaging oxidative elements. It features specialized ingredients, such as EDTA, Himalayan shilajit extract, chlorella, and antioxidant-stimulating nutrients. These ingredients perform in concert to support your health when your body is challenged by environmental toxins, such as heavy metals.*


Used by Professionals

Hand-Selected by Dr. Kevin Conners

Fulfilled Locally in the USA

We are a Wisconsin-based family company

Trusted Source of Nutrition

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