Cancer Can't Kill You if You're Already Dead

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Cancer Can't Kill You if You're Already Dead

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Description of Cancer Can't Kill You if You're Already Dead

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This short devotional book was written to provoke the reader to a deeper life, to coax the believer out of the trap of superficiality. The world lulls us into believing a lie that we deserve everything our heart desires. Christ calls us to the cross and the cross as one thing - it kills.

We all have one thing in common - we are all terminal. It is when we get lulled into believing that we have a right to experience someone’s definition of happiness on this earth that we are most deceived. Who said you were promised 90 years, a great job, a wonderful marriage, beautiful children and a 401k? These are things that the world promises; they are lies of false fulfillment; they are wells with no water; they are junk food that leaves you fat and hungry for more. We seek these ‘good’ things – earthly contentment, security, health and happiness over a hunger for truth and a thirst unsatisfied in anything other than Christ.

From the Author

There is more than one paradox the Spirit-filled Christian must face. Life is found through death; the Kingdom is experienced through brokenness; power is made manifest through surrender, and strength is discovered when at our weakest – just to name a few. Each has its counterfeit, arranged by the enemy, that always leaves the believer weak.

The enemy wants us to wallow in our sin and suffer meaninglessly, stealing our joy. God calls us to share in the crucifixion of His Son to bring us life everlasting, beckons us to be filled with His Spirit and overflows us with love from another world, and peace that passes all understanding in the midst of all troubles.

The surrendered believer is not defined by circumstance and refuses to accept labels that the victim embraces. It just doesn't matter anymore; Christ is my king. Paul could sit rotting in a Roman jail never once mentioning the rats that gnawed his legs at night nor the feces laden stench that choked his dictation of the volumes of Scripture he created through the power of the Holy Spirit. Because, it - just - didn't - matter!

What is visible is far less important than what is invisible.

-Dr Kevin Conners

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