Brain Basics Opti Zinc Plus 60 Tablets *


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Brain Basics Opti Zinc Plus 60 Tablets *

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Description of Brain Basics Opti Zinc Plus 60 Tablets *

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Clinical Applications:
Opti Zinc Plus is a physician formulated supplement. Zinc is a critical mineral that is involved in hundreds of cellular reactions in our bodies. Maintaining zinc status is more important than ever today however most zinc supplements are poorly absorbed. Opti Zinc Plus solves this issue by combining two proven ionophores-EgCG and Quercetin to ensure bioavailability of zinc at the cellular level where it can effectively work. In addition to 25 mg of patented chelated Zinc bisglycinate we balance out this formula with 1 mg of copper (copper bisglycinate) to maintain the Zinc/Copper ratio. Perfect choice for those who are concerned about their immune function, zinc/copper status, neurological health, memory, mood, focus, concentration, and more.ย 

ย Opti Zinc Plusโ„ข is a comprehensive zinc formulation designed to support the cellular absorption of zinc.

Opti Zinc Plus uses a patented zinc chelate along with two proven ionophores to enhance and optimize cellular zinc absorption. Optimal intracellular zinc is crucial for over 300 enzymatic reactions. Including immune function, hormone status, neurological health and much more.

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