BioGaia Prodentis 30 Lozenges *


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BioGaia Prodentis 30 Lozenges *

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Description of BioGaia Prodentis 30 Lozenges *

For Healthy Gums & Teeth

Clinical Applications:
  • BIOGAIA PRODENTIS GOES BEYOND TRADITIONAL ORAL CARE PRODUCTS: Prodentis works differently to keep your mouth healthy!
  • A DAILY PROBIOTIC FOR HEALTHY GUMS AND TEETH + FRESH BREATH: Prodentis is clinically shown to improve oral health.
  • EASILY ADD TO YOUR DAILY ORAL HEALTH ROUTINE: Simply let Prodentis melt in your mouth after flossing & brushing or when it's convenient for you!
  • ONLY PRODENTIS CONTAINS A PATENTED COMBINATION OF L. REUTERI: Prodentis contains L. reuteri DSM 17938 and L. reuteri ATCC PTA 5289 that work synergistically to improve oral health.
  • A REFRESHINGLY SIMPLE TAKE ON ORAL HEALTH: Prodentis is a minty fresh lozenge that is alcohol free, no dairy or soy, no preservatives and no added sugar!

ย BioGaia Prodentis is an innovative probiotic clinically shown to improve oral health. Designed as an add-on to oneโ€™s daily oral health routine, Prodentis promotes healthy gums and teeth, plus fresh breath. Prodentis contains the patented lactic acid bacteriumย Lactobacillus reuteriย Prodentis (L. reuteriย DSM 17938 andย L. reuteriย ATCC PTA 5289) that helps the good microorganisms keep a natural balance in the mouth.

  • Promote healthy gums & teeth plus fresh breath
  • Easily add to your daily oral health routine
  • Great for use between professional teeth cleanings


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