BioActive Complete B-Complex 60 Capsules *


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BioActive Complete B-Complex 60 Capsules *

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Description of BioActive Complete B-Complex 60 Capsules *

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Contains enzymatically active B-Vitamins

Clinical Applications:
  • Boosts energy production and promotes a healthy metabolism
  • Encourages brain, cellular and organ health
  • More biologically active so your body can use each nutrient more effectively

 Are you getting enough vitamin B? There are more forms of it than you may think, and each plays a different role. So it’s important to get a wide spectrum of the vitamin B family, every day. BioActive Complete B-Complex is made with the biologically active forms of each nutrient, optimizing absorption and giving your body what it needs to thrive.

BioActive Complete B-Complex provides all the daily vitamin B benefits the body needs. It’s the perfect complement to any well-rounded nutritional regimen.


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