Bio-Max Immune 60 Capsules *


Bio-Max Immune 60 Capsules *

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Description of Bio-Max Immune 60 Capsules *

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 Natural Vitamin and Botanical Immune Supporting Blend Help Give Your Immune System a Natural Boost

All-natural Bio-Max Immune provides a potent mix of antioxidant and antihistamine properties. This new blend of natural botanicals, vitamins, and minerals is a convenient source of antioxidants that may help combat free radicals. Our potent combination may help reduce oxidative stress, a possible factor in chronic inflammation and extended bouts of illness. Studies have shown echinacea and elderberry may help defend against infection and aid in recovery time. Combining these popular botanicals with vitamins D3 and C, along with zinc and quercetin, provides a unique boost to your body’s immune system.


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